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Project Sylpheed (Purojiekuto Shiruf), also known as Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception in North America, is a space simulation game for the Xbox 360 console. It was developed by SETA and published by Square Enix and Microsoft. The game is acknowledged as the spiritual successor to the Silpheed video game series, which comprised 3D rail shooters: players pilot a starfighter, shooting incoming enemies on a vertically scrolling third-person playing field.[3] Project Sylpheed uses full 3D computer graphics and allows the player to instead pilot his or her spacecraft in any direction.

Project Sylpheed's plot is set in a fictional 27th century where an interstellar human empire is about to erupt into a civil war. The game pits the protagonist and his spacecraft, configured with a variety of weapons and augmentations, against masses of small enemy fighters and large capital warships. The game is interjected at various points with cutscenes that reveal the story. Critical opinions on Project Sylpheed were mixed; reviews varied from considering it an exciting cinematic shooter to calling it a clichéd and complicated simulator. Microsoft considered the game a commercial success, branding it one of Xbox 360's Platinum Collection.

In Project Sylpheed, players take on the role of a rookie pilot and fly the Delta Saber starfighter in a campaign that comprises 16 missions. Typical mission objectives are to destroy specific enemy targets and to protect allied ships. There are also optional secondary goals,[5] such as completing certain tasks within a time limit or without taking damage. Completing the primary objectives within a time limit successfully completes a mission; failure to do so ends the game.[6] If the player fails a mission several times in a row, the game offers an option to skip to the next stage.

Gauges at the bottom of the user interface show the shield strength and weapons ammunition. Figures at the top right show the number of enemies destroyed and time remaining to complete the mission. Red markers highlight enemies, who leave pink trails in their wake. Friendly crafts leave blue contrails, and missiles white.
Piloting the Delta Saber, the player engages distant enemies with missiles amidst a sea of colorful contrails
Players control the Delta Saber from a view as if they were in the cockpit, or a slight distance away from and outside the craft. The controller's thumbstick is used to fly the starfighter in any direction.By pressing the maneuver button and pushing the thumbstick in a direction, the player makes his or her fighter perform aileron rolls and 180-degrees turns (half-loops). Various button combinations control the Delta Saber's speed, allowing the craft to boost to great speeds with afterburners, coast on inertia without power, or match speed with a target. Certain maneuvers require the expenditure of shield energy, which protects starships from damage; an unshielded vessel under attack suffers damage to its armor. A ship is destroyed when its armor is depleted.

On starting a new campaign, the player receives a small selection of missiles, guns, beams, and bombs to mount on his or her ship. By accomplishing certain goals in the game, the player obtains advanced weaponry—possessing greater damage, range, and targeting abilities—for his or her spacecraft. He or she can also purchase more powerful equipment with the points gained by completing missions. These points are determined by factors such as the number of enemies destroyed, the time the mission is completed in, and the number of secondary objectives completed. Aside from functioning as a form of currency to purchase equipment, the points act as a score of the players' performance.

After completing a campaign, the player can replay it in a New Game Plus mode, restarting the new campaign with weapons and equipment gathered in the previous run. Besides the campaign, Project Sylpheed offers six standalone missions that are downloaded over Xbox Live. These missions, with goals such as killing as many enemies as possible within a time limit, provide online leaderboards for players to compare their scores against each other.