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Psychic Force 2012 (サイキックフォース2012 Saikikku Fōsu 2012?) is a 1998 arcade fighting game developed by Taito Corporation as the sequel to their 1995 title, Psychic Force. The game was first released in arcades in 1998 and was then ported a year later to the Sega Dreamcast, becoming one of the console's earliest titles when it was released in Japan on March 4, 1999. A North American version was released on October 31, 1999, through the now-defunct distributor Acclaim.


The game was also adapted for the Sony PlayStation and released under the title of Psychic Force 2 (サイキックフォース2 Saikikku Fōsu Tsū?) in Japan on October 7, 1999 and the PAL Regions in 2001. This version featured downgraded graphics, but had included several extra modes (such as the "Psy-Expand" mode), an animated FMV intro, and three returning characters from the original Psychic Force who had been omitted in Psychic Force 2012. In 2006, Psychic Force 2012 was re-released as part of as an anniversary pack for the PlayStation 2 titled Psychic Force Complete, which had included the original Psychic Force and a special exclusive remixed version of 2012 titled Psychic Force 2012 EX.


The fighting system of Psychic Force 2012 remains the same as its predecessor, but the control has been redefined and the balance has been adjusted while the playing mechanics of the previous game has been fleshed out and new ones have been introduced as well.


On the side of the screen are two bars (one for each player). Each bar is separated into 2 gauges, the Life Gauge and the Psycho Gauge. To execute most moves, you will deplete your Psycho Gauge. As your Life Gauge decreases, the space for your Psycho Gauge increases. Hence, your Psycho Gauge can go beyond 100% (max 200%) Above there's a Power Indicator. This indicator shows a number that represents the strength of the character (default is 100%, max 200%).


There are 4 walls of the cube (battle arena) that the characters can contact with. Note that finishing off the opponent with a special move during the last round will cause the opponent to be smashed out of the arena (most of the time). It only applies to the left and right sides.


A light attack will execute small projectiles from far away. These projectiles will not deplete your Psycho Gauge and are weak. A strong attack will fire a bigger projectile, and depletes your Psycho Gauge by 30%. When both characters are close together, the light and strong attacks will execute punches and kicks. The light attack can be pressed multiple times for a combo while the strong attack will deliver a powerful blow. As noted before, the strong attack will consume 30% of the Psycho Gauge. So when the Psycho Gauge is depleted, the character will fire small projectiles just like pressing the light attack from far away. Another thing to note is the two commands that are available for the first move of every character. As the strong attack will deliver a strong physical attack up close, the other will be used to fire a projectile.


Returning tactics from the first Psychic Force includes the Psycho Charge, Barrier Guard, the Normal Dash, and the Quick Dash while the new tactics introduced in Psychic Force 2012 includes the Retreat Barrier, which can interrupt attacks from the opponent, but it will not break combos as it just prevents the opponent from attacking you after being knocked away while it consumes 50% of the Psycho Gauge, a Slide Dash which allows the character to side-step into the opponent's defense, a Hyper Charge which increase the Psycho Gauge while depleting the Life Gauge though it helps raise the attack power, hence the purpose of the Power Indicator that appears at the top, a Psy-Impulse which is a form of counter-attacking in which the character can unleash a repelling force after being knocked into a wall by the opponent while it consumes 25% of the Psycho Gauge, and a Barrier Break in which a character can break through an opponent's barrier and cause damage, but the move can only be guarded by a normal guard and that it consumes 50% of the Psycho Gauge.


The Arcade Mode of Psychic Force 2012 has the specific playing character going through eight stages of combat against random opponents from within sight, being timed on how fast they can complete the game while the Story Mode has the specific playing character going through eight stages of combat from within sight against a specific set of opponents, with the addition of cut-scenes in order to advance the story of the specific playing character. Once the player reaches the eighth and final stage, they will battle against a specific final boss for their specific playing character and once the specific final boss is defeated, an ending will be presented for the specific playing character.