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TOCA Touring Car Championship (called TOCA Championship Racing in North America) is a 3D racing video game licensed by series organisers TOCA, and developed and published by Codemasters for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows platforms in 1997. It was re-released by Codemasters for the Game Boy Color in 2000. It was the first entry in the eponymous series and was followed by TOCA 2 Touring Cars in 1998. The player takes control of a driver who races for one of the eight works teams that contested the 1997 British Touring Car Championship against fifteen AI competitors on one of the nine championship circuits. A championship mode is available for players with the objectives of earning points to continue competing and unlocking new features.

Development of the game began in 1996 and continued for the next eighteen months in which Codemasters worked closely with the British Touring Car Championship's organiser TOCA to faithfully recreate the series in the virtual world. The game features the former racing driver Tiff Needell as the commentator. Reception was generally positive with critics directing their praise at the gameplay and the excitement it gave the player. The game was a commercial success with 600,000 copies sold Europe in the first six months of its release and was ranked third in the United Kingdom video game charts.

The player races against fifteen AI competitors for one of the eight works teams (each team has two drivers who compete for them). They participate on one of the nine circuits that feature in the championship.The vehicles in the game are super touring cars of which the player can select the gearbox setting to either automatic or manual. Three types of views can be accessed: a close-up back-end view remotely from the car, a perspective from the engine compartment, and an internal view from the passenger compartment.Selecting a car places the player in the position of the first named driver for each team. That driver's name would then not appear in the race, and the player's name would appear instead.TOCA Touring Car Championship offers various game modes:A race weekend consists of a qualifying session and the main race. The player may choose to start the event by choosing any of these events. The qualifying session offers the player three laps to record the fastest possible lap time for a better position on the starting grid. Should the player skip the qualifying session, the competitor is required to start at the back of the field.

Multiplayer allowing up to two players on the PlayStation version or eight players on the PC version to complete in either split-screen or LAN. A single race allows the player to compete with a predefined car and circuit. The player can set the number of laps, the weather and difficulty level, and may decide to play the game in multi-player, whereby all participants can choose to grant a speed boost to the losing player. At the beginning of the game, only two circuits are available; the others are unlocked by progressing in championship mode. The championship mode offers the player the opportunity to participate in the British Touring Car Championship. It is organised in twelve race meetings of two rounds each. The player can choose how long the season lasts. Each round consists of a qualifying session and the main race. The player is required to earn 20 points to continue competing in the championship. However, any unsportsmanlike conduct is punishable with a on-screen warning. Points are deducted on a gradual scale after the player has received three warnings. Earning six of these warnings will lead to the player being disqualified from the race. Cups are awarded to the player based on his or her performances and allows for the unlocking of extra circuits, hidden cars and cheat codes.Time trial consists of the player recording the fastest possible lap time with that person selecting weather conditions. Once a reference time has been established, a phantom car is materialised, prompting the player to further improve on the previous best lap. During the game's operating period, players could publish their lap times on Codemasters's website and compare themselves to others.