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Twisted Metal is a vehicle combat video game developed by Eat Sleep Play and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3. It is a reboot of the Twisted Metal franchise. The game was originally planned to be released in October 2011 but was delayed to early 2012


The game focuses heavily on multiplayer combat, including various online game modes with up to 4 player split-screen and 16-players online. For example, the Nuke Mode is a new online game mode where you choose a faction to play against an opposing faction. In this mode, each faction has a giant metal statue that is being held in the air by a helicopter, which the opposing team must try to destroy. In order to destroy these statues, the player must abduct the enemy team's leader, then sacrifice the leader to a missile launcher that will, in turn, launch a nuclear missile.

The person who sacrifices the leader and launches the missile has to control it to hit the opposing teams statue in the air. In order to win the opposing team has to repeat the process 3 times before the statue is destroyed for a team to win. There are four factions: the Clowns, the Dolls, the Skulls, and the Holy Men. The former having been announced as being inspired by Sweet Tooth and Dollface. The latter are led by Mr. Grimm and the Preacher respectively.


The Twisted Fate of Sweet Tooth the Clown
The first arc features Sweet Tooth, also known as "Needles Kane", a demented, clown-themed serial killer. Formerly Marcus Kane, a family man working out of an ice cream truck, he developed dissociative identity disorder and became possessed by his dark side, embodied in his clown mask. After slaughtering his own family, Sweet Tooth became obsessed with finding his daughter Sophie, "the one that got away", to finish the job he started years ago. The mid-story cinematic reveals that he came close to finding her in the psychiatric ward of a hospital (having slaughtered his way through the building to reach it), only to find she had checked out only moments before. Frustrated, Sweet Tooth decides to enter the Twisted Metal contest, intent on having Calypso send him to wherever his daughter is hiding. After destroying the Brothers Grimm (who drive oversized monster trucks), Sweet Tooth confronts Calypso in Calypso Industries, the latter's massive skyscraper headquarters. He demands that Calypso send him to his daughter, only to be transported to a long-buried coffin; Sophie had been dead for ten years, the trauma of Sweet Tooth's massacre driving her to suicide. Swearing revenge on Calypso's treachery (even though he himself specifically wished to be "taken to where Sophie was"), Sweet Tooth futilely pounds on the lid of Sophie's coffin; above ground, his alias has been spray-painted on Sophie's tombstone.

Mr. Grimm's Dark Trip Back
The second arc features Daniel Grimm, a violent biker determined to go back to the past and prevent his father, a noted stunt performer, from performing the stunt that killed him, saving his life and hopefully putting Daniel's own future back on track. Eventually, Mr. Grimm wins the competition by defeating Iron Maiden, a titanic Dollface mecha. As per his wish, Calypso sends him back in time to before the accident occurred. Unfortunately, Grimm was sent back in adult form and placed inside a car with his younger self and father; when the elder Grimm sees the intruder, a struggle ensues that causes a crash. The crash kills the father, but both young and old Grimms survive. Young Grimm decides to kill his older self with the handgun under the car seat. As a dying Grimm muses that he would've done the same thing if the roles were reversed, his body fades away, implying that the young boy will grow into the same future that his older self tried to prevent.

The Madness of Dollface
The third and final arc features Krista Sparks, "Dollface". She is a narcissistic, obsessive, and violent woman seeking to become a famous supermodel; to this end, she is willing to do anything, including sabotage and murder of her competition. When Krista gets injured in a car crash, her perfectionist mind causes her to believe her face is horribly disfigured, causing her to hide her face behind a mask. This leads to her entrance into the Twisted Metal tournament, intent on wishing the mask away and resuming her career. At the end of the tournament, Krista is forced to destroy Sweet Tooth's Carnival of Carnage, a clown-themed mobile fortress built by fanatical followers of the deceased Sweet Tooth in his memory. Brought before Calypso, she rethinks her wish to be famous rather than free from the mask; thus, Krista wishes to be on "the world's biggest runway", bent on becoming the most famous supermodel in the world. Calypso grants this wish by transporting Krista to an airport runway as she failed to specify her wish, where a broken heel from her boot causes her to fall and get killed by a landing plane. Ironically the mask finally comes off upon her death.

The Preacher's Quest
Throughout the game, an enigmatic figure known as "the Preacher" seeks to defeat Calypso. He is first heard on a radio talk show, insisting that Calypso is a powerful demonic entity seeking to drive the world into ruin; the talk show host agrees that times are bad, but dismisses the Preacher's claims. Later, he is seen outside Calypso Industries, declaring that he knows who Calypso truly is; as he says this, the building briefly flashes to a more demonic form. The Preacher vows to free the souls trapped by Calypso and lead them to defeat the tournament host; above, Calypso is seen in his office, seemingly aware of the Preacher.

The final ending of the game shows the Preacher sitting in a padded cell, seemingly within a psychiatric ward. As he rants that he will stop Calypso in the name of God, the camera pans out to reveal that he is imprisoned within a demonic structure, surrounded by hundreds of other tormented individuals. The scene pans out to reveal the prison within the large castle painting on the wall of Calypso's office, implying that the villain has been trapping the souls of his tournament's victims, as well as imprisoning anyone who protests the tournament. After showing a few new items in the display case - the license plate from the truck of Daniel's father, Kratos' blades of chaos, Sweet Tooth's machete, and Krista's doll mask - the building is shown from the outside, briefly flashing to its demonic form as the scene cuts to black.

After part of the credits, a man approaches Sophie's grave. He is revealed to be her brother, Charlie Kane, another survivor of Sweet Tooth's massacre. Over the years, he has come to believe that his father left him alive to act as an heir; if anything happened to Sweet Tooth, he would be able to take his place. Now that his father is dead, Charlie has come to claim his legacy; he digs up Sophie's coffin, containing both her and Sweet Tooth's remains, and retrieves the clown mask. Charlie dons the mask, sets his head alight, and drives away in his father's ice cream truck, vowing to avenge his father's demise by killing Calypso.

At the end of the credits, Calypso himself comes to Sophie's open grave, musing that she had great potential to cause pain and destruction. Throwing a sack into the grave, he resurrects Sophie in an outfit similar to her father, seemingly to serve as his loyal enforcer. As Calypso asks if she is ready, Sophie lifts her head, revealing red eyes behind her demonic clown mask.