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Virtual Pinball is a video game that plays as an electronic version of pinball. One to four players can choose from either 29 pre-made games or design one using the in-game editor tools. Designing options include ten different backgrounds and six themes, and a player can choose where objects are placed, the style of music, and the ball speed. It was released for the Mega Drive/Genesis.

Virtual Pinball is an update/sequel to EA's 1983 title, Pinball Construction Set.

General gameplay
A player will start with four balls. Once a game is started a ball is placed in the launcher. The ball is launched by pressing and holding the A button, with the time held determining the power of the launch. All left flippers are controlled by the D-pad, while all right flippers are controlled by the C button. Hitting B will nudge the table, and can be used in conjunction with the D-pad to nudge in a certain direction.

Modes of play
The player can play the 29 existing games, go to the blueprint plans, or play one of the ten user created games. It also allows the player to change the Game theme, Parts theme, Board background, Skill level, ball action, and music.

Workshop Mode allows you to select a blank game where up to 256 parts can be placed anywhere on the board. These parts include Bumpers, Flippers, Walls, Kick Walls, Targets, Tracks, Specials, Launchers, Blasters, and Grabbers. All of these items are related to items found on a real table.