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Hunter: The Reckoning: Redeemer is an action fighting game for the Xbox. Redeemer is based on a gothic fantasy world pen and paper RPG system. It is the third game of the Hunter: The Reckoning series, sequel to Hunter: The Reckoning: Wayward which was released for the PlayStation 2.

Players act as human monster hunters combining melee, ranged and supernatural attacks called "edges". It has single-player and multiplayer modes allowing up to four players locally.Hunter: the Reckoning: Redeemer begins five years after the events of Wayward. The original four characters now team up with a new addition, Redeemer Kaylie Winters (the little girl they saved from the first game). Kaylie snoops in on Lucien overseeing a shipment of products to stores before Christmas. A group of werewolves attack and corner Lucien. The other Hunters arrive and Kaylie drives the leader Wolf away. She explains that Lucien's company has been under constant attack from werewolves. After defending and fighting though the genefex warehouse and the streets of the city, the team investigate a vampire controlled club. They run into and skirmish with their old ghost nemesis Carpenter who reveals that Genefex sends him a shipment of some substance and is ordered to mix it into the patrons drinks. The hunters grow suspicious and after helping fend off another attack on Genefex sneak into their labs and investigates. It's discovered that the substance is a poison. designed to turn people into "foot soldiers", slaves to a powerful entity that Lucien has sold his soul to. After sparing the captured leader wolf they battled earlier, they band together and defend the werewolves home in the forests and protect their human relatives.