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Hydlide ( Haidoraido) is a 1984 open world action role-playing video game developed and published by T&E Soft.It was originally released for the NEC PC-6001 and PC-8801 computers in 1984, in Japan only ports for the MSX, MSX2 (a separate port released on 3.5" floppy), FM-7 and NEC PC-9801 were released the following year. A Nintendo Famicom version was first released under the name Hydlide Special on March 18, 1986 in Japan; three years later, in June 1989, that version saw a North American release for the Nintendo Entertainment System by FCI, its title having been returned to simply Hydlide.The game sold 2 million copies in Japan, across all platforms.

In April 28, 1995, a remake was released for the Sega Saturn under the title Virtual Hydlide, both in Japan and western countries.

In the kingdom of Fairyland, three magic jewels were enshrined in the palace to maintain peace in the kingdom. One day, an evil man broke into the palace and stole one of the three magic jewels. Without the third jewel, the two remaining jewels lost their magic sparkle. The magic spell that sealed the power of Varalys, the most vicious demon in the kingdom, was broken. During the turmoil which followed, the last two jewels were stolen. Varalys cast a special magic on Princess Ann, turning her into three fairies, and hid her somewhere in the kingdom. He then let loose a horde of monsters across the land and became the ruler of the kingdom.

The young knight Jim stood up and took action to restore peace in the kingdom. He bravely made his way into the wilderness in full armor to fight the monsters...