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Wild 9, known as Wildroid 9 in Japan, is a 2.5D platform video game for the PlayStation. The game was designed by David Perry, developed by Shiny Entertainment, and published by Interplay Entertainment; all of which were parties involved in Earthworm Jim series of video games. The game was released in North America and Europe in September 1998, and in Japan in February 2000.

The game plays as a run and gun platform sidescrolling video game. While the game has 3D, polygonal graphics, gameplay only takes place on a 2D plane,although occasionally, the game does allow for the player to move the character into the foreground or background The player controls the movements of the main character, Wex Major, manipulating him around obstacles through to the end of the level. Wex's main weapon is called the "Rig", which is an electrical beam coming from Wex's back, used to defeat enemies. The "Rig" latches on to enemies, allowing the player to whip around or thrash enemies. Common scenarios involve bashing them into the floor or walls, or carrying enemies and moving them into other parts of the environments, like pits or spikes