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WWF War Zone (also known as The Warzone) is a professional wrestling video game developed by Iguana West and released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1998 for the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy. The game features wrestlers from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

The game was followed by a sequel, WWF Attitude, released in 1999.

WWF War Zone features a gameplay system in which players must grapple with their opponent and perform a series of presses on the directional pad then a button press to perform wrestling maneuvers. WWF War Zone also features the audio commentary, provided by Vince McMahon and Jim Ross.

A variety of modes are available. The single player game is highlighted by the "WWF Challenge" mode in which the player selects a character and challenges for WWF titles by beating other wrestlers. Sometimes previously defeated wrestlers will challenge the player to a "Grudge match." These matches will usually be weapons or cage matches. After winning the championship, the player can then defend it against a series of challengers. Various multiplayer options are available such as a free-for-all, two-on-two cage matches, and tornado tag team matches. The game also has a number of unlockable features such as hidden characters. War Zone also includes a training mode in which the player can freely practice the moves of their chosen wrestler. Other gameplay options are also available exclusively in the Nintendo 64 version - gauntlet matches in which players challenge a series of opponents one after the other and Royal Rumble, in which the player must eliminate numerous wrestlers by throwing them over the top rope.  Exhibition matches against the computer can also be played, but the computer opponent is always chosen at random.

War Zone also has an create-a-player feature that for the time was quite extensive. It allows for players to create a custom wrestler, entering a name, customizing various attributes and choosing theme music. Wrestlers of both genders can be created, with various options for skin and muscle tone, as well as body type and in-ring apparel. Individual maneuvers cannot be chosen though and an entire set of moves must be copied from one of the game's existing wrestlers.

Match Types
Matches are won when one player meets any of the win conditions within the time limit. They must use a combination of strikes, grapple moves and holds to wear down their opponent's health, thus weakening their resistance to win attempts. Matches can be won by:

Pin - Using a pin cover while the opponent is lying on his back inside the ring, or using a 'Pin' move, to hold an opponent down for a 3 count. Pin attempts are only valid within the ring as long as neither player touches the ring ropes. A third participant can stop a pin attempt by striking either player.
Submission - Using a 'Pain' hold to inflict damage until the opponent gives up. The less remaining health the player has, the less pressure is needed to force a submission. Attempts are only valid within the ring. When a 'Pain' hold is applied, players will gradually slide towards the ring ropes. Should either player touch the ropes, the move is released.
Count out - When either player leaves the ring, voluntarily or otherwise, it will begin a 10 count. Any players who are still outside of the ring when the count reaches 10 will automatically lose. It is possible for all participants to lose at once if they are counted out. The count is restarted each time somebody leaves the ring.
Decree of Vince McMahon - If the time limit expires, the player with the most remaining health is sometimes declared the winner by default.
Disqualification - This is a self-inflicted loss. In exhibition 'Versus' matches, a player can press a specific button code to call for assistance from another wrestler. However, doing this makes winning impossible. If the advantaged player meets the win conditions, he will still lose by disqualification.
Versus - A regular match which pits 2 players against one another for a preset time limit. Most matches in Career Mode are Versus matches.

Tag Team - These matches feature 2 teams of 2 players facing off. One member of each team is the "legal" (active) player, while the other is inactive on the apron. Players may switch team members at any time using the Tag function. The "illegal" (inactive) partner may assist in the match, but he is limited to 15 seconds of activity at a time. The match ends under normal win conditions involving both legal participants.

Cage - Cage matches see the ring ropes replaced with cage walls. The match can only be won by climbing over a cage wall. Running into a cage wall can cause damage. Players can also perform diving attacks from the top of cage walls. These kinds of matches sometimes appear as Grudge matches in Season Mode.

Hardcore - Similar to a Versus match, but the arena is littered with usable weapons. If any object is used or dropped a certain number of times, it will "break" and fade away. Members of the crowd will periodically throw new weapons into the arena. Some larger objects can inflict extra damage if moves are performed on top of them. Pins and submission attempts can also be used outside of the ring. There is no ring-out count. These sometimes feature as Grudge Matches in Career Mode.

Tornado - A tag team match in which all players are "legal" and can participate at the same time. Meeting the win conditions will only eliminate one opponent. To win, the win conditions must be met against both rivals.

Battle Royal - A singles match featuring 3 or 4 players. The first player to meet the win conditions over any opponent wins the match.