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Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers is the sequel to the Full Spectrum Warrior video game. It was developed by Pandemic Studios, published by THQ and released in 2006 for the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows.

The game features improvements and additions in gameplay. New gameplay mechanics such as splitting up fireteams into groups of two were added. The player is given the ability to position fireteams in interior firing positions that negate an enemy's cover.

The game's multiplayer mode enables you to choose between co-op and coalition vs insurgency forces, and the insurgent commanders have the ability to recruit civilians to their side. Each side can also capture safe houses for reinforcements and field medics. Each fireteam member also had a special attribute. The team leader and rifleman are able to snipe an enemy soldier if a part of his body is shown. The Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) gunner does the suppressing fire while the M203 gunner uses his M203 grenade launcher. Ability to control armored vehicles such as armored personnel carriers (APC) was added. In some missions, the fireteam leaders can call in air strikes with an AH-64 Apache gunship and also control an armored Humvee equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun.

A US Army soldier throws a fragmentation grenade.
In the game a fireteam usually consists of four soldiers: a team leader (scoped M4 Carbine/Heckler and Koch HK33), an automatic rifleman (M249 SAW), a grenadier (M4/M203 grenade launcher or an HK33 with an HK79 grenade launcher) and a rifleman (scoped M4 Carbine/HK33). Their weapons have 2 fire modes: a fire sector and precision fire. When assigned a fire sector, the team will fire at anything within that sector, suppressing enemies. The player cannot manually aim the weapon and the soldiers are unlikely to hit an enemy behind cover. To use precision fire a soldier will have to step out of cover, making him extremely vulnerable to unsuppressed enemies, and use the 'special ability' of his weapon. The scoped rifles can snipe an enemy behind cover, the M249 SAW can suppress a large number of enemies (at the cost of ammunition) and the M203 can launch a grenade over a large distance.

In a few missions the player is able to control the M2 Bradley IFV. The 7.62mm machine gun can be controlled with a fire sector and the precision fire uses the M242 Bushmaster. In one mission the player can also control a captured BMP for a short while, which is very similar to the Bradley.

Also in the player's arsenal are the AK-47, a M2 Browning machine gun mounted on an armored Humvee, the M82 Barrett rifle and the SMAW. These weapons are used by Charlie or Delta team which consist of only 1 soldier each.