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Hugo: The Evil Mirror (Danish: Hugo: Det Afskyelige Spejl) is a video game in the Hugo franchise developed by ITE Media for the PC, PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color and mobile phones. It was released in Europe on May 2, 2002; and in North America on April 24, 2005 (by Namco for the GBA).

The PC and PlayStation version is a 3D platform game similar to Crash Bandicoot, where each of three troll kids have different powers and their parts have different styles of gameplay.[1]

The Game Boy (and mobile) version is a 2D platform game similar to Bubble Bobble, consisting of three levels, each with 20 stages and ending with a fight against the level boss guarding a piece of the mirror. At the start of each stage, the player is tasked with eliminating all of Scylla the witch's minions in it using a freeze gun, before the time limit runs out. Hitting any unprotected enemy with the freeze beam for a few seconds will turn them into a block of ice that will shatter if pushed off a ledge or jumped on top of. Frozen enemies can be carried around and stack for gaining access to higher parts of the level or to creating even larger more powerful monsters in which to destroy in order to get the treasure contained within them (bonus points, save keys, and power-ups upgrades to health and speed).

The wicked witch Scylla wants to get rid of Hugo the troll once and for all. She has used her powers to trap Hugo in a magic mirror that she then cracked it into three pieces and magically scattered the fragments across the world. Scylla also once again kidnapped Hugo's wife, Hugolina. Hugo and Hugolina's three children, Rit, Rat, and Ruth, are the only ones who can free their parents. To break the witch's curse, each child must find a piece of the broken mirror. If the kids put the mirror together, Hugo is able to defeat Mirror Scylla and break the spell. After the fight, Hugo gets out of the mirror, traps Scylla in it, and smashes it into little pieces, saving Hugolina.